About Dr. Leman

Welcome to my website—a fun, interactive place to be! Sande—whom you might hear me referring to as Mrs. Uppington (I’ll let you figure out why if you haven’t read one of my books yet to know)—and I have been married for 44 years…in a row! We are beyond blessed with five children who love us, love each other, and love God. Our kids range in age from 19-39, we’ve added two treasured son-in-laws to our family along the way, and our two grandchildren keep us entertained with their antics.

I truly love what I do. Maybe that’s because I’m the least likely guy to be doing it—having graduated fourth from the bottom of my class in high school. My high school counselor told me, with good reason I might add, that he couldn’t get me admitted into reform school. (Yes, I was that bad.) I had SAT scores in the 0 percentile.

Obviously some big things happened that encouraged me to turn my life around. I’m a perfect example that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. I never wanted to write a book (back in high school I never even read them), yet today I’ve written 43 of them! And they’re all designed to be FUN and life-changing.

So many of today’s parents are (or feel) clueless about what to do when they’re thrown a curveball. Men don’t understand women (complicated “everything sticks to them like Velcro” creatures that they are), and women think men are as dumb as mud (well, maybe we are sometimes but a little attention and we’ll perform for you like baby seals), so that keeps a guy like me busy! I have the privilege of speaking all over the world, entertaining audiences with my baby-of-the-family wit and commonsense psychology. I’d love to be a part of your world, too.

This website is designed to be a rich resource of FUN and practical help for you and your family. Check out the topic tabs, books and videos, read articles, find out where I’m speaking next, or schedule me to speak at your event on my Speaking page. Join me on my Facebook page (yes, I do my own Facebook), follow me on Twitter, or contact me.

I’m glad you’re here!