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My 70th Birthday and A GIVEAWAY


**WINNERS ANNOUNCED: RACHEL ABBOTT, CATHY SANDFORT AND BOBBI DAILEY! We will email you soon to get your mailing address and then you will be the proud owner of a signed copy of “Parenting Your Powerful Child”  

Thanks to all that entered!  

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I knew something was up around the Leman household…but I didn't know what was up. Later I find out that Mrs. Uppington was being very sneaky and planning a surprise party! My first clue was when I woke up and my daughter Hannah and her husband Josh were on the patio in the morning drinking coffee — I was shocked! And I was hoping the other kids weren't far behind…

And they weren't! Kevin and Lauren flew in from California the next day along with other friends and family! The party was so great it made me want to be 70 all over again (and I thought that was impossible!) The best part was listening to all my kids and grandchildren talk about our relationship and what counted most in life to them.

To top it off my sweet wife bought me a 1950 Deluxe Ford – Little did she know that was my FIRST car. I paid 200 dollars for it. I think she paid a little more… She completely surprised me.

It was one of the those benchmarks in life that you don't forget! Everyday since I keep thinking about how wonderful that evening was. How much love was in the that room.

It is a privilege to be a Dad and a husband, those are two things I certainly cut out to be!

Here are a few photos from our evening that my daughter Hannah took! Keep scrolling to get to the GIVEAWAY!







This month my new book Parenting Your Powerful Child came out! And I wanted to host a giveaway that I think you will like!

I am giving away 3 signed copies of my new book! That means THREE of you will be winners!

Here's what you need to do to enter!

1. Put up a status on Facebook or Twitter that tells your friends and family about my new book “Parenting Your Powerful Child” and give them a link to this blogpost to find out more. Here's the link you can share:

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2. After you complete number 1 (This part is important!) You must come back to this blogpost and leave a comment to tell me that you completed number 1! This is your entry!

I will pick three winners at random a week from today! Monday, September 23rd!

Happy Sharing!

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What Birth Order Reveals About Our Presidential Candidates

Had a great time at Fox and Friends today in the Big Apple. Here are my thoughts on what birth order reveals about our presidents.

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