So who is Dr. Kevin Leman? You can read a lot about me and my official bio at on the About page. But sometimes it’s fun to see what others say about me too, if you’re trying to decide whether to give one of my books, DVDs, videos, or a speaking engagement a try.

What Others Are Saying

“Christian bestseller lists show that Leman has become one of the go-to authors for practical and prudent child-care advice, and Have A New Kid does not disappoint… [this is] a practical guide that will likely become a Christian parenting classic.” —Christian Retailing

“If anyone understands why children behave the way they do, it's psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman. His real-life examples give you sure-fire techniques for developing a loving, no-nonsense approach for raising children.” CBA Marketplace

“Kevin Leman gives parents the challenge and the tools to raise healthy children in an unhealthy world.” Gary D. Chapman

“Dr. Kevin Leman is the go-to guy in our house for all things parenting. We’ve known Kevin for years, up close and personal, and we’ve seen the positive results of his parenting know-how with his own children.”—Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, Founders of RealRelationships.com, authors of Love Talk

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Dr. Kevin Leman books, DVDs, and Videos are guaranteed to make a difference in your life and your family’s life. Just follow the proven principles, and you’ll have your own happy endorsement to add. When you do, I’d love to hear about it, leave a comment on a blog post or send a note on the Contactpage.