Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my new website!  We worked hard to make the site user friendly and we welcome any of your comments.

We had a great Christmas, all of my five kids were home!  And in typical Leman style, we had fun.  It’s great to have kids who love each other and love us.

Can you guess who is who?

At this time of year everyone is talking about resolutions for the coming year.  So I thought I would take time this first blogpost to give you some suggestions to make sure that your relationships with those you love most are strong and healthy!  I am sure many of you made a resolution to be a better parent or spouse… If so, leave a comment, tell me your goals!

Tips for parenting: 

1. Watch your expectations, make sure they are positive and not negative!

2. Make sure your kids get enough Vitamin E (encouragement) and some very essential Vitamin N which is No! Remember, if you love your child, you will disciple them

3. Rules are important but not the only thing that is important, relationships matter most!

4. Have fun with your kids, laugh at yourself, use the words, “I am sorry”

5. Finally, to put it bluntly do not take any disrespectful act from your son or daughter without significant consequences!

Kids have a need to please you.   They don’t like it when Mom and Dad are unhappy.

As important as relationships are with our kids, the more profound relationship is with your spouse!  Now, realizing that many of you are single, stay with me because there are tips for you to come. For those of you who are married, here are some thoughts to make this year as close to stress-free as possible.

Tips for your marriage:

1. Ladies, remember he is the SIMPLE one!  As I have said many times, think of him as a four year old that shaves! His needs are simple.  He needs to be needed and wanted by YOU!

2.Guys, understand that your wife majors in relationships and communication.  She has the need to hear from you.  She wants to know your feelings that you have about, well… almost everything in life!  She needs to feel like your lovingly affectionate at all times!

3. We spend money on everything under the sun, I wonder how many of us invest our time and our money in our marriage? Want to do something for your family this year, take time to be a couple, enjoy a date night, consider joining next year’s Couples of Promise Cruise! Those kind of investments play dividends for generations.

4. Do your marriage a great favor and make sure that your spouse and your relationship take precedence.

 Tips for relationships (including those of you you are single!):

1. Don’t “should” on yourself — When you “should” on yourself, you are really putting down the masterpiece that God created in you. You truly are a one-of-a-kind!

2. If you have a critical eye– that is to say that you can spot a flaw, especially in the ones you love, in less than 10 seconds…. give it a rest!   And rather than pull up the negatives, look for the positives and use the words, “Good job!” “Nice going” and “I bet that makes you feel good inside!”

3. One more thing, if you want to see a relationship with someone you love improve dramatically, in less than 48 hours, stop asking questions!  It’s like magic.  On that note, tuck the “why” word away and watch the relationship change before your eyes!

Two of my favorite scriptures come from St. Paul — Where in Ephesians 6, he says “Children obey your parents, it is the right thing to do!  Because God has placed them in authority over you.”

And in the preceding chapter, Paul writes these profound words, for those of us who are married, “Honor Christ by submitting to one another.”   These imperfect people that surround your life are God gifts for you!  Handle these relationships with care.

I have said many times that marriage and parenthood is not easy, but it is simple.  God does have a simple plan for our marriages as well as for the journey of being a good parent.

As a welcome to my new website, I thought I would start with a Giveaway! This one is simple. There are only TWO things you have to do to enter.

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2. Leave me a comment on this post!  Tell me your resolutions this year.  How you are going to strive to be a better parent, husband, wife, son or daughter…etc.. Or just tell me what you think about the new site!

Friday afternoon I will select a winner, at random, to win 3 autographed books (Now, the books need to be in stock!) Don’t forget to give your email in the comment section so I can get a hold of you! 

I wish you all a great  2012.


  • Kara says:

    I am looking to be more involved with my kids this year. Reading, crafts, conversation, all of it. I also want to make sure they laugh well every day.

    I want to be more supportive of hubs and help our relationship grow in Christ this year!

  • Tracey Swartzmeyer says:

    I resolve to pray with my wife each day.

  • Shawna W says:

    I’ve been listening to your book How to Make your Children Mind without Losing yours, and my goal is to help my children to understand that we are disciplining them in love, while still making sure they feel respected and loved. Also, as a wife, I’m going to try to be a lot less negative despite the stress in our lives – and to focus on my husband as my partner in all of the craziness.

  • Clar Lyn Morris says:

    Plan to love that sweet guy of mine more—celebrating 40 years soon!

  • Lynnette says:

    I love the new site! But then again, I love everything you do! Thank you for helping me want to be a better wife, mother & friend and then of course showing me ways to do just that!

  • emily nelson says:

    My resolution is to get healthy and slso to be a more patient mom. Love your books and website 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    Love your insight. Just finished your How to have a new teenager by Friday…. I am looking forward to finding a “balance” between parenting styles. Both my husband and I are authoritarian parenting styles… My poor step son– no wonder he is the way he is– He is a good kid over all just has issues with any authority, not just his dad and me. We need to lower the bar.

  • KellyB says:

    Great blog, Dr. Leman! One of my resolutions is to be more positive with my kids. I have a “critical eye” and know it hurts relationships. So, here’s to a healthy, positive 2012!!

  • Thank you for everything you do! Your books have been such a huge part of getting our family on the right path! I am very excited to see you create a new website.
    I resolve to become a more consistent parent, a more supportive wife, more content with my circumstances, and more close to God! 2012 is going to be a great year!

  • Kristine Thomas says:

    I want to have more fun with the family

  • I love your new website!!! We love you!!!!!

  • Wendy Wagner says:

    I am going to speak to my children in a positive encouraging way rather than nit-picking the minor details. Even when I give boundaries/discipline, I want to rephrase in a way that lets them know they have a choice rather than feeling controlled. I hope to inspire, with the help of the Lord, my teenage daughter to turn back to Him. wagner_b@hotmail.com (Wendy Wagner)

  • Michelle Lyter says:

    Love the pictures of your family and love all your great advice. Keep it up!

  • JJ says:

    Great blog! I am looking forward to 2012 as God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and great kids to enjoy the new year! I am hoping to make MANY changes this year with God’s help! God bless you and your family!

  • Diane Wilson says:

    I think I’m really gonna enjoy this website. Thanks. I do have a critical eye and am just too picky. You know, I want things done my way–’cause of course that’s the right way!! LOL I am trying to learn not to be so OCD (I think that’s what you call it). My New Year’s resolution is just to be kind, KIND! I am a loner and not very social. I’m also shy , so many think I’m stand-offish. Pray for me! Love your books!

  • Terri Horne says:

    Shared on Facebook. Love the new site! My resolutions are about the health of my family, I think it will be the foundation for all the changes we need the Lord to make in our lives. Not just physical health but more importantly spiritual health too.

  • Marcie Fischer says:

    The new website looks great. I really appreciated the blog and I will definitely be back, Love the family pictures!

  • Lori Thomas says:

    Thanks Dr. Leman for the cool new site! I love you wit and wisdom…Its going to be a great year as I use tools I have learned from you to raise Rock Solid Kids!!!

  • Gregg Williams says:

    Striving this year to succeed by not making everything so complicated. No means no, praise Him and them (kids), and everything discusses better behind a smile…..a little sugar may come my way as a result. Happy New Year!

  • Tim Jensen says:

    Hi Dr. Leman –

    Great job on the new site!

    My only resolution that I have (I generally don’t make New Year’s Resolutions) is to continue on the path to becoming debt-free. It is a goal with a plan that my wife and I have worked out and are following.


  • GladKo says:

    Love your new site. My first new year resolution is to finish reading “The Resolution for Women” by Priscilla Shirer and go from there. 🙂

  • Nicole MacRae says:

    This is gonna be a great site to keep updated on. I look forward to the next blogpost. Shared on facebook too. Loved the first post!.

  • Jennifer Klemple says:

    I just love your parenting help. I have ready so many of your books and am such a loyal follower. Thank you for all of your help!!!

  • Jamie says:

    Great advice Dr. Leman! Look forward to many more posts like this one! PATIENCE!! I really want to learn to be more patient with my husband and my children in the coming year and years to come!!

  • Lisa Johnson says:

    I feel so blessed to be able to look to you and others for such wonderful marital and parenting advice. Keep up the good work! My main resolution this year is to get closer to God so that I can be a better wife and mother. With help from resources like yours I really feel this is possible. Thank you.

  • Marsha says:

    I’m so looking forward to getting tips from you on your website! I have had two years of not so great stresses in dealing with family. I love your approach to parenting. It makes my job more effective but easier at the same time. Thank you Dr. Lehman.

  • Janice Grek says:

    I’m really thankful for your new site! All your stuff is such good stuff, and more needed than ever!

  • Cathy Updegraff says:

    Hi Dr. Leman,

    Happy New Year and congratulations on your new website and your first blog, awesome! I always look forward to hearing you speak and reading your books and gaining new insight and wisdom into marriage and raising children. Our family goes to North Way Christian Community out in Wexford, PA and e have enjoyed hearing you speak everytime! My husband and I are so blessed with the 2 children He has blessed us with, we have a daughter, who just turned 24, who is a Christian and just recently got engaged to a Christian man who she met at church and a son, who just turned 21, and is a Christian. They are precious gems.<3 Thank you for your blog and I look forward to reading more!

    Cathy Updegraff

    • Dr. Kevin Leman says:

      Cathy! You are the winner! Congrats– Thank you for your comment and kind words. Please call my assistant Debbie at 520 797 3830 to receive your autographed books! Thank you again.

      • Cathy Updegraff says:

        Hi Dr. Leman,

        Thank you sooooooooo much, I still cannot believe I won! I am so excited! You are such a blessing to so many with who you are and your wisdom and insight into raising children in a Godly way and having a Godly marriage!Thank you again and thank you for sharing with all of us! Happy New Year!

        Cathy Updegraff

  • Kirstin says:

    I resolve to be a more consistent encourager to everyone in my family. I also resolve to make sure my husband knows he is #1 on this earth.

  • Cindy Arpin says:

    My goal is to be more positive with my comments to my loved ones! Gotta remember to pause and use the edit button! Thanks for the blog! PS We have enjoyed the Coules of Promise cruise twice now- and highly recommend it!

  • Jo Turner says:

    I really like the new web site Dr. Leman. It’s very easy to get around on it, and I like your family pictures and the picture of you in the funny baseball cap!

  • Alicia says:

    Love the website and I love all of your books! I don’t like to read and I love humor – so you keep me in your books because you are wise and funny. I have learned much for you and all of my family has benefited from you. So, keep writing, keep being funny and I’ll keep reading!! (No pressure!) 🙂

  • Rene says:

    Dr. Leman,
    Thank you for sharing this site and so many of your words of wisdom with us all. I needed to read this this morning. We have 3 children. A classic first born 10 year old girl, her polar opposite and our second daughter, the 7 year old, and a 2 year old boy…… Girls are form my previous marriage but we are defiantly a family.
    My service dog, who doubles as our faimly cuddle buddy, an 8 year old lab mastiff mix was just diagnosed with Lymphoma. Right now our world is upside down. Chemo once a week, pills throughout the day every day, hand feeding to get the dog to eat. Our whole family has a cold. My husband is going to school 2 nights a week. I’m disabled and can’t drive. Its easy to feel overwhelmed. I am resolving to keep things in perspective this year. And to stop asking why!

  • Nichole Clouse says:

    I resolve have Family Home Evening EVERY week. To teach the gospel at home and at church is so important. Conisistancy is also. Thank you so much for all of your insight. Everything I have ever used that you have said has worked, except my picky eaters. I share your teachings with everyone, even the attendant at the gas station when I seen her son disrespect her in front of everyone in the store. I love your books because they are easy to read, funny, and work.

  • Jennifer Mann says:

    I have read some of your books, used to watch you on TV, and love your new website. I respect your ideas not because of your phychology degree only but because you are a parent also. I have 5 kids as well teens to a 5 year old so your books have been a god send. Thanks for giving me the tools to grow in my faith, closer marriage (once we started dating again after having kids), better mom. In the new year I want to make more time for family fun activities, be a more supportive spouse and a better listener as a mom.

  • Karen Hornsby says:

    I love the new site!

  • Jennifer Bille says:

    You’re so wonderful. You make it sound so easy. I’m learning to pick my battles and encourage more. I appreciate all of your support. Keep it coming!! 🙂

  • Vickie Searan says:

    Mike and I have been together two years come March, He does everything for me, yes the simpler the better, I personally like simple myself, we just went through a bout with his health, month and half long but he is up and around. I get down he does things to keep me from doing them. I think my resolution here is to keep things the way they are. He doesn’t criticize about anything I do, except when I am sick…I am keeping in mind to show him how special he is to me, I tell him so.
    Thanks for the new website you have lovely family, God bless….

  • Susan Young says:

    We’re a blended family who has finally pulled it together the last couple of years. This year, I plan to enjoy the love and peace we all feel towards one another and rejoice in the fact that quitting was never an option but love and respect were always on the table even when we didn’t much feel like it.

    Thanks for the blog! Looking forward to some great advice as well as the usual smiles and laughter!

  • Sandie Anderson says:

    I already can’t wait to read the next blog.

  • nancy says:

    I will stop asking my husband questions and i will laugh with my kids learn to listen & love them more & not complain

  • Julia Waneka says:

    Congratulations and thank you for launching the site. I really find your advice to be truthful and practical–which is somehow hard to come by. Will be checking back often!

  • Mary says:

    Love your new blog! I just got How to Have A New Teenager by Friday right before Christmas and haven’t gotten to read it yet. So my first goal of 2012 is to read it and implement all the wonderful things in it! Already have the other 3 Have A New books by you! And love them! Thanks for all you do!!!

  • Darcy says:

    Hi Dr. Leman!

    On this Happy 3rd day of the New Year, I have goals to declutter my house, organize (without perfection or paralyzation! ha!) my art room and help our family finances by cooking at home more so as to eat healthy and spend money more wisely. As a result I see this as an opportunity to pour more quality time into my family.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and experience through your writing… when I get those books (Speaking prophetically, teehee!) I promise to share your books with friends and moms that appear frazzled in the grocery store. :o) darcy.lynn.white@gmail.com


  • Luz says:

    I want to b more involved in lil boy who’s only 5 years old. We had a baby 8 months ago n I feel almost a little guilty about not being able to b there for him all the time like it was before the baby. I want to learn to manage time. Still get Everything done n have time for both kiddos. I kno it will b a success, i have faith. N I have the most amazing boyfriend. We support each other n help each other 🙂 . Life is good.

  • Audra Clinkinbeard Hernandez says:

    Love the new site and love the information you had to share. My focus this year is on my marriage. My husband and I have been separated for a year and a half and he just moved back in. Still lots of work ahead of us but with the Lord by my side, it will be a better marriage then the last 15 years were. Looking forward to reading more on this site. Love the family picture!

    • Dr. Kevin Leman says:

      Audra, God bless you….Good luck….Have you read Have a New Husband by Friday and/or Sheet Music? Those books have helped hundreds of thousands of couples! Nice to hear from you. Our family sends you our very best!

    • Loli Pretorius says:

      Audra, pls. read Sheet Music pls pls. When i found this book , my marriage was at an end. Sex? with that scoundral? My body was on auto drive. But with the good Dr.’s help, and perserverance, i can say I am now passionately in love with my husband… body… spirit… and soul!!!!!!

      And let me tell you, i am of conservative, legalistic “Christian” upbringing. (When i read the chapter titles i blushed and looked to see if anyone was watching 🙂

      Well, only after that book did i start reading many of the others, and my life is completely changed.

      Buy it today…no one is watching 🙂

  • Rebecca Loaiza says:

    I resolve this year to follow through better–with all aspects of life. Love your teaching, Dr. L. Thank you and may the Lord bless you.

  • Melissa DAOULABANI says:

    My relation with my parents and siblings is absolutely horrific, but I’m learning and growing daily, my husband and 5 year old triplets are the blessings in my life reminding me of God’s love and promises, and encourage me to do better with my family. Thanks for all your teaching and experiences

  • Paige says:

    This year I am going to get some order and balance back in our home. This past year brought about some huge challenges and big changes and my family needs some structure!

  • Jolynn McCormick says:

    This year one of my resolutions is to have Family Home Evening each week with my family-This is time we spend together learning more about Jesus and learning values etc-it is time we set aside each week to be together as a family and learn with an activity.

    I am excited for the blog-thanks for all of the great advice to make our families stronger!