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Do your kids struggle to keep their room clean? Dr. Leman shares two options you can take.


What am I to do with my kids’ messy room? Two options

  1. If you can handle it, close the room and don’t go in there. Don’t go in for laundry. Don’t go in for anything. They will eventually realize the need to clean it up.
  2. Make it their room. Let them decorate the room they way they want to. When making the one page chore list, add it as one of the chores. If you expected it cleaned up, then set clear expectations and enforce the rules.

Beware of…

  1. Making your home a military camp.
  2. Making your home your home only and not a home where everyone in the family feels welcomed.

If you are at your wits end, you can…

Hire one of the other kids to clean the room and pay them from your kid’s allowance.


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