Affection? How much? What is appropriate? Do you have questions similar to these? If so, Dr. Leman will answer them on today’s episode!


You love to snuggle and hug on your kids. They love to cuddle up and read a good book. Kisses are how you show your affection.
Is this ok? Should Dad be careful how much affection he gives his kids?

My daughters still kiss me. I even have a son-in-law who will kiss me on the cheek. We all love to hug. This is all healthy relating. This should be part of a healthy daily life.

But, you have to make a judgement call on this one. If it is unhealthy, it will stick out like a sore thumb. If it is going too far, you will feel it.

The moment you start to feel that it is unhealthy is the moment you need to talk to the person who is taking it too far. If you feel uncomfortable, then speak up.