How Do I Help My Kids Navigate Changing Friendships? (Episode 182)

Have your kids ever felt left out by former friends or felt ranked below another friend? Have their friendships ever changed and therefore brought tension to their life? If so, Dr. Leman will greatly help you on this episode!


How do I help my kids navigate changing Friendships?

There was a recent situation in the Terpening household where the kids were struggling how to navigate when they were rejected by former friends. They had two sets of friends that eventually turned away from them and became friends without them. What should they do?

Kids can be mean, hurtful and spiteful. Growing up can be hard.

Friendships will change.

What do you do when this is your kid on the receiving end?

1. Be a sounding board.
2. Revisit it again once they have had a chance to calm down.
3. Tell young kids a story from your life.

Above all, remember that letting your kids do the work of figuring this out will give them psychological muscles. They will need those muscles all through life.