Have you ever felt like you have accidentally messed your child up? How can you correct the mistakes you’ve committed? Listen to this episode to find out what Dr. Leman has to say!


You have gotten to know Doug and Andrea a bit throughout this podcast. Here is a peek into a struggle Doug is having with his middle son, who happens to be a lot like him.

It is easy to fall into correcting and expectations of our kids. Ranting when they let you down won’t help the situation.

I offer a simple, yet profound solution to Doug’s struggle.


Kids love us anyway. Despite our rants.

Empathize with that kid. Get behind his eyes. Make a conscious effort to point out good.
Handle the gift of this son with tenderness.
Next time, stop and ask, “What is the new Doug going to do here?”

You will want to consider my book, Have a New You by Friday.