Minecraft Over Dad; Ultra Powerful Child- Ask Dr. Leman 85 (Episode 185)

Has your child ever admitted to loving a video game more than you?! How should you respond and what next steps should you take? Is it alright to let your older kids help discipline their younger siblings? These are the two questions Dr. Leman answers on today’s episode!


Question #1 Philip;

My 7 year old is so focused on his Minecraft that he had to intervene. When given the choice between myself (Dad) and Minecraft, he chose Minecraft, saying he would kill himself if he did not have it.

Dr. Leman’s Answer:

WOW Philip! Your response is great…you will want to listen to the podcast to hear what he said!
We give our kids way too many things, way too soon! Taking away Minecraft was a great choice.

It will be important to explain to this boy that it was not his fault that the Minecraft was deleted.
It is on ME as the parent!
“We think we have done some things wrongly. You are going to see some changes around here. It is our fault. We have not done well to pass on the real value of life.”

It is our job to get our kids going in a direction; to TRAIN THEM UP.

Question #2 CJ:

I have made some big changes in my parenting after learning some tips from you, Dr. Leman, but my older kids are having trouble changing the way they treat their 10 year old sister. Are there things I can do to help the older boys deal with her in accordance with the new approach?

Dr. Leman’s Answer:

Yes, there are things you can do. Give the boys license to deal with her when she becomes irritating.

1. In front of sister, explain to the boys that if she gets to be too much they have your permission to use physical means to stop her. Just don’t maim or kill her!
2.Get the boys alone, and explain that you said this in front of her to get her attention. Give them scenarios as examples of where they can deal with her without physical harm.

In the end, the boys will learn how to deal with others in life without ending up in a fist-fight.