Would you like to eavesdrop on a family that is trying Dr. Leman’s teaching on their kids? Have you ever wondered what the kids really thought about the punishment? Do the kids resent their parents for it? Does is actually work? You now have that chance as we have real families tell real stories of applying Dr. Leman’s teaching.

Today you get the raw unvarnished truth of how two teenagers felt about their parents allowing them to resolve their fight and choosing their own consequences. You will be surprised at the end by the teen’s admissions.


Items from the podcast

  • Telling your kids to say sorry definitely does not work.
  • Your kids will choose a harder consequence than you.
  • Treat your kids like the adults they are becoming and they will respond accordingly

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

Let your kids make the rules for themselves.


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Question: Have you ever tried letting your kids choose their own consequences? If so, how did it go?