Parenting As a Coach; Bad Math Grades- Ask Dr. Leman 89 (Episode 193)

Are you ever in a position over other people’s children, but unable to parent them? Is your child REALLY failing in school? These are the two questions that Dr. Leman answers on this episode!



Question #1 Coach Warner:

I coach 5 to 10 year old baseball players, but they can be out of control, climbing walls and standing on benches. Since I cannot use the same consequences I use at home, what tools can I use to get them to behave?

Dr. Leman’s Answer:

Yes, many of these kids come from undisciplined homes from the time they are infants. They are used to getting to do what they want.

This problem will be changed through the parents, not through the kids.

Call a required parent meeting where you will get to communicate to the parents what your expectations are for the team.
1. It is a privilege to play
2. Baseball is not a democracy, but what the coach says, goes!
3. The kids need to pay attention if they want to play, and not find themselves on the bench.

Question #2 Vicki:

My 13 year old daughter has a 15% in math right now. I have been staying out of it, but my daughter is REALLY failing and I finally had to step in, but her daughter turned on me! What should I do?

Remember that I have my report card published for all to see! I was a failing math student myself!

Here is a chance to encourage your daughter!
Enumerate her strong points and agree that math is not her strong suit. So, why exhaust herself over math?

Stay positive and find her a tutor, preferably a high school boy. That will get her attention and take you out of the fray. Have them meet at your house where you and the family are around.
Use other math helps like apps that are available.

And, remind her that you hate math too. Take the power out of it.


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