Pregnant Teenager (Episode 198)

Just imagine that your 16 year old daughter announces after dinner that she is 3 months pregnant. What do you do? How should you respond? Listen to this fascinating episode as Dr. Leman explains his view on this topic.



Take a second serving of dessert…
Embrace her…
Think about her anguish…
And tell her, “We will get through this.”

Now, LISTEN to her. Hear her plan. Don’t correct her or shame her.

It will take time to hear her plan out. Let her wrestle with the realities, and let her come to the best conclusion after flip-flopping her plans several times.

What are the options?

Some choose abortion, which I am not a proponent of.

Some choose to keep the baby. In which Mom and Dad end up raising the child, and all sorts of family stresses are created.

Some choose adoption. This is the best psychological option for the daughter. She will know, “I did the right thing.”

A great book on this topic isĀ A Chicken’s Guide to Talk Turkey with Your Kids About Sex.

You won’t want to miss this podcast episode!


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