What We Want to Say to Every Parent (Episode 200)

Today on our special 200th podcast, we want to give a message to EVERY parent! You won’t want to miss this great episode! Listen to find out what Dr. Leman has to say!


For this special 200th episode, we are going to reflect on what we would love to let every parent in the world!

We also share what we have learned from this:

  • Many parents are struggling with their marriages
  • Many parents are struggling with sibling rivalry
  • Many parents are struggling with help at home
  • Many parents are struggling with screen time
  • Many parents are struggling with school work
  • Many parents are struggling with motivation from their kids
  • Many parents are struggling with cold teenagers
  • Many older parents are struggling with adult children who don’t want to be in their life.

What Doug and Andrea also learned:

  • Being on the same page and loving your spouse makes parenting WAY easier.
  • Let kids fight out their problems. They like each more afterwards.
  • Giving up control is a blessing
  • Listening without speaking or correcting is amazing
  • Killing critic or perfection is a must
  • Make the house theirs now is WAY more fun than our house
  • Give the freedom to fail and they thrive
  • Let them fail to gain their own motivation

In this episode we reference two of Dr. Kevin Leman’s books that would be great to read and one of his products:

Have a New Kid by Friday

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

How to Have Great Conversations With Your Kids

This is a great episode packed full of information that you won’t want to miss!

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