Leman Academy

A classical school that with proven tools of learning that are structured around the Trivium.

Leman Academy of Excellence mission is to offer a rigorous, Classical Education based on the traditions of Western culture where all disciplines are interrelated allowing scholars the ability to think independently and critically.

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Leman Academy of ExcellenceThe foundational principles for the educational philosophy of Leman Academy of Excellence have been formed and established by Dr. Kevin Leman.

Kevin Leman has often dreamed of launching a school and learning environment for young people that willingly engages and embraces parents in the educational process, highlighting the parent/teacher/scholar relationship to bring out the best in each and every child.

Scholar success at Leman Academy is based on our unwavering commitment to combining our classical educational program and its ancient view of learning and traditional teaching methods that promotes critical thinking skills with the present day methodology of data-centered based learning that involves rigorous assessments to measure scholar learning and achievement. Today’s world demands that schools focus on not “what was taught” but rather on “what was learned,” and to this end we will strive and hold ourselves accountable.

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