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Dr. Kevin Leman is an internationally-known psychologist, award-winning author of over 50 books, humorist, New York Times bestselling author of “Have a New Kid by Friday”, radio and TV personality, and speaker, Dr. Kevin Leman has taught and entertained audiences worldwide with his wit and common sense psychology.

The Intimate Connection

Secrets to a Lifelong Romance

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by Dr. Kevin Leman

Creating a happy, lifelong marriage is about much more than physical compatibility. It’s about a lifestyle of 24-7 intimacy that bonds couples in a mutually satisfying relationship. In The Intimate Connection, New York Times bestselling marriage expert Dr. Kevin Leman explores key secrets to the love life couples crave. He helps you

  • understand each other’s needs, backgrounds, and personalities (and how those factors influence every marital interaction)
  • talk so your spouse really listens
  • turn negative game-playing into positive behaviors that help you grow closer
  • create deep, long-lasting intimacy that’s divorce-proof

Whether you are new to marriage or have been married a long time, Dr. Leman’s time-tested strategies will create the kind of exciting intimacy, mutual respect, and fulfilling communication that will keep you in each other’s arms for a lifetime.

January 14, 2020 in Podcast

My husband watches violent movies when the kids are around. (Episode 296)

From kid cartoons to everyone's favorite movie trilogy, violence is abundant in today's entertainment. How do you navigate that as a parent in today's society? Listen in to hear Dr.…
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January 7, 2020 in Podcast

Our 9-year-old is improving, but requires a lot of attention. – Ask Dr. Leman 138 (Episode 295)

It's time for another Ask Dr. Leman! What do you do when your kid needs attention for good behavior? Listen in for Dr. Leman's answer.   **Special Offer– Jan 1…
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December 31, 2019 in Podcast

How do I stay connected to my spouse in the midst of rearing kids? (Episode 294)

Managing your marriage is just as important as rearing your kids. Learn how to stay connected to your spouse in the thick of parenthood on today's episode.   **Special Offer–…
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