Demonic Pokemon; Reality Discipline- Ask Dr. Leman 86 (Episode 187)

Are your kids into Pokemon, but you are afraid to have them embrace it because it’s “demonic”? Do your kids compete at just about anything and even get a little mean? These are the two topics Dr. Leman addresses in today’s episode.


Question #1 Leanne:

My seven year old son is into Pokemon, but we don’t approve. Is Pokemon demonic? How do I keep my kids away from it?

Dr. Leman’s Answer:

My advice is to take this very casually. The more you push, the bigger the problem you get. This is the kind of thing that will pass; it is not a life-changer.

Question #2 Haley:

I have just finished reading Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, and I am wondering about reality discipline when it comes to competition and being unkind.

Dr. Leman’s Answer:

Kids are going to be competitive–especially boys, like you have! And remember, fighting is an act of cooperation! You will go nuts if you become Judge Judy for these kids. Both kids have contributed to the unrest.

Use a “thinking chair.”

When the instance of unkindness or competition comes up, put the kids in their “thinking chair” where they will have the needed time to think through their actions and words.