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Had a great time at Fox and Friends today in the Big Apple. Here are my thoughts on what birth order reveals about our presidents.


  • Juanita Chandler says:

    Your interview on fox new this AM was dead on. My husband and I might as well be only children.
    We have been married over 50 years. I was 15 when we were married, he was 20. We have a good, ( only because we are both Christians) ,but interesting marriage . It was a little hard on him when I grew up and could think for myself Ha! Ha!. Although he has always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do, it was just hard for him, that I could think different than him.
    He had brothers and sisters all much older by the first wife. When he was 3 his Dad died and all the children where split up.
    I had 2 sisters 8 & 9 years younger, which I had almost full responsibility.
    since my Mother was sick & my Dad was and alcoholic.

  • azy says:

    I heard your comments on the moody radio station this morning and I was laughing and crying at the smae which was ackward. I am the first child of 3 and throughout my life I have always taken the initiatiive on things while growing up and i continued to be the same way these 8 years of marriage. my husband loves that i am know what i want and just being assertive(ofcourse he doesn’t say he likes that of me with words but with his actions). And just listening to you this morning made me realize that men communicate their love to their wife in a different way(example not going out with friends,staying home and watching television NEXT TO their wife without even talking or saying a word to them but the wife needs to guide the husband so he can show the wife affection and for him to use kind words this will take alot of patience asking God for the right words to not offend our husbands

  • Elissa says:

    The bit about the only child hit home with me. My husband and I have a seven year old and he is the only one. He really is a little adult. He will go so far as to tell me what his punishment/consequences should be. I have to be careful with the facial expressions when I deal with that!! Thanks for the information.