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A mother shares her concern over her 11 year olds YouTube problems. A dad wonders how to fix the bedtime battle with his child. Dr. Leman answers both of these questions in this episode of Ask Dr. Leman

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Question #1: [Audio] How should a parent deal with an 11 year old that is posting negative videos on YouTube?


  • Why should an 11 year old even be posting on YouTube?
  • The daughter is playing the victim card.
  • No one is going to like this girl, if she keeps up the negative attitude.
  • Social Media is the Goliath of our time.
  • It will take a wise sales job by the parents to change her.
  • Better to have a blow up now versus later. Be proactive now and deal with YouTube and the negative attitude.

Question #2: [Audio] How do you deal with getting your kid to bed, when everytime you mention bedtime the child freaks out and runs away?


  • Instead of giving your child a warning, pick up the child and do the bedtime routine. Be as brief as possible.
  • Put your child in their bed.
  • Turn the night light on.
  • Close the door.
  • Hold the door closed.
  • Don’t make any noises or sounds, as you hold the door closed.
  • If the door being closed is a new experience, he will scream and yell for 30 plus minutes.
  • Once he calms down, open the door and slowly put him back into bed.
  • Don’t cut a deal with him, either while he is yelling or when he is calmed down.
  • Make him stay in bed.
  • The first night is the worst. It should only take 2 nights.
  • If he runs away when you start the bedtime process, stay put and wait for him to come back. When he comes back, pick him up and put him into bed.


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