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“Uh, Mom, how are babies made? Where do babies come from? How do they get out of your belly?” Your children want the answer to these questions. What do you tell them and at what age?


Items in the podcast

Question #1: {audio question} Erika asks, “My 8 year old daughter was searching the internet for the answer to how babies are born. When should I start talking to her about this and how much do I talk about conception and birth with her?


  • This is a golden opportunity to have the discussion. When you are discussing sex and babies be loving, factual, joyful and natural.
  • You talking to her about sex allows you to set in her mind the values you have about sex.
  • Get dad involved to tell his daughter how precious she is in God’s sight; how precious she is to dad; how boys view girls; what boys are thinking about; etc. He can help her stand against the wrongful treatment of women.
  • When you answer your children’s questions, frame it within a value system. Explain the long-term ramifications of sex, pregnancy and birth.
  • If your kids ask a question, answer them. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to answer the deep issues of life. Answering them now, opens the door for future questions to come your way. It says all and every question is welcome.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

Answer every question early, so you can answer the harder questions later.


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