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“No. I won’t!” Have you ever heard that from your kids? Stubbornness is a real issue every parent faces. Want an answer on how to deal with your stubborn kid? Listen to this episode.

Your stubborn kid may not be the loud kid. They might be the quiet and shy kid. Learn how to deal with their stubbornness without having to go to a toe-to-toe power showdown.


Items from the podcast

  • Stubborn children are made, not born.
  • Give your stubborn kid an out.
  • Know each of your kids, so you know how to respond.
  • If you back your stubborn kid into a corner, beware that you might lose a finger.
  • Your stubborn kid will challenge you on anything. Why create those challenges?
  • Use the phrase, “Tell me more about it.”
  • Listen to Podcast “B doesn’t happen before A” to learn how to deal with stubborn kids.
  • Your stubborn child can be the shy and quiet kid, not necessarily the yeller.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

“Tell me more about it.”


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