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Have you ever said, “Okay Johnny, Mom needs some peace a quiet; here is the iPad”?  or, “Susie, please just give me some time to myself–here is your favorite video!”? Most parents have. Eventually, it becomes the norm and the kids actually become addicted to them. What is a parent to do? Listen to this episode to learn how to deal with too much TV and Tablet time.

What are you putting into your kid’s suitcase of life? Are they practical tools that will help them in relationships, work, and life? Having your kids addicted to the TV or Tablet is not a healthy tool to put into their suitcase.


Items from the podcast

  • We are training our kids to be addicted to video games and the internet.
  • We teach out kids that tablets, TV, and video games are where they get stimulation in life.
  • One major problem is that the parents are too busy and need a break. One solution is to take on less as parents, and as a  family.
  • Books are an amazing alternative to tablet, TV, and video games. Reading books leads to success in life.
  • Books are the best gift you can give your kids to entertain themselves.
  • Teaching your kids to love to read at a young age is very important for their future love of reading.
  • Remember that you, the parent, have the ability to influence your kids towards books. You do have the right to turn off the TV or the tablet.
  • Anything that encourages conversations or critical thinking is a good activity for your kids. Some examples might be puzzles or board games.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

You may just be training your kids to be addicted to the tablet, movies, and games.


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Question: What would happen if your kids turned off the TV and used their imagination?