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As a parent, have you ever experienced the know-it-all child? You know, the child that corrects you about everything, and won’t listen to your wisdom. Dr. Leman shares how you can put an end to the know-it-all attitude in this episode.

You might be late to your kid’s ball game or dance class a time or two when you don’t challenge their adamant knowledge, but your know-it-all child, who demanded they had the correct time, will learn the incredible lesson that they aren’t right all the time.


Items from the podcast

  • Our kids are reflecting our know-it-all attitude.
  • A know-it-all kid is a powerful child.
  • Let the natural consequences play out; for example, be late to the game rather than challenge them.
  • Don’t rub their nose in their mistake, otherwise it will create a competitive relationship where one wins and one loses.
  • Don’t engage in a power struggle with them. Walk away from them and the situation.
  • When you react to a know-it-all, this adds fuel to their fire.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

You are the one creating the know-it-all child.


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Question: Have you ever allowed your know it all child to be late? If so, what was their reaction?