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When children hit each other, most parents do the worst thing possible. Learn the easy method to stop your kids from hitting each other.

Fighting is an act of cooperation. Dr. Leman shares how you can be a part of the solution without having to be the judge and jury to solve it.


Items from the podcast

  • Never allow a child to hit you, the parent.  Hold them so close they can’t hit you, or if they are small enough, put them into the playpen.
  • Fighting is an act of cooperation.
  • When kids fight, hold both kids accountable. Don’t excuse one child over the other. Let them resolve it between themselves.
  • If you engage with kids when they battle, you only escalate the battle. You don’t have to play judge and jury.
  • Put them outside or in a room together until they resolve it; later ask for a detailed plan of how it will be different next time.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

Let your kids resolve the fighting between themselves, not you.


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Question: Can you imagine yourself letting your kids resolve their fights by themselves?