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A strong willed child is NOT a bad thing per Dr. Kevin Leman. In fact, he encourages it. What he doesn’t encourage is a powerful child. Listen to this episode to learn the differences and what you can do about it.

Tired of fighting with the powerful child. Dr. Leman shares how powerful children are made. He shares a hard, yet practical tip to start a change in your relationship with your powerful kid.


Items from the podcast

Question: What is the difference between a powerful child and strong willed child?


  • Powerful children have an agenda.
  • Powerful children say to themselves they are going to win every time.
  • Powerful children act if they are the authority, not you the parent.
  • Strong willed children have the strength to stand up to peer pressure, but don’t have to be right everytime.
  • Strong willed children acknowledge when they are wrong.
  • Strong willed children don’t have an agenda. They realize the needs of the family.

Question: Where do powerful children come from?

  • Powerful parents.
  • Parents teach their kids to be powerful by how they react to the kid.

Question: What are the top 3 things parents do that create a powerful child?

  1. Tell them what to do about everything, like what to wear, music, etc. Have the attitude I am the parent do what I say.
  2. Rub their noses in their mistakes or verbally attack them when they are wrong.
  3. Don’t listen to them.

Question: What are the top 3 things parents can do to nurture a strong willed child?

  1. Value your daughter or son as they are. Value their music and clothes.
  2. Ask their opinion. Don’t always tell them how to behavior, think, dress, etc.
  3. Win their cooperation by building a relationship.

Question: If I have a powerful child, how do I change the situation?


  • Apologize
  • Talk about the power struggles in the past and your desire to change yourself and the situation moving forward.
  • Follow through on the changes.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

Powerful children come from powerful parents



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