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Do you wonder how to dissuade your kid from drugs? Are you worried you child might be drawn to drink by the culture around them? Dr Leman shares his insights on how to prepare and deal with a drugs and alcohol in your child’s life.


Drugs and alcohol are a real issue for kids. There is tremendous pressure on them to drink this or snort that. The wise parent starts talking about drugs and alcohol long before it shows up in their child’s life.

Drugs and alcohol have been around for hundreds of years. This is not a new problem, nor will it ever go away.

In our culture, kids are growing up earlier and earlier. Music and TV push drugs and alcohol and make them look alluring. So what is a parent to do?

Spend lots of time with your kids. I would have a blunt conversation with them and ask, “What are you going to say when someone offers you. . .?”
“Can I ask you your opinion. . .?”

Don’t miss Dr. Leman’s creative role-playing scenarios of kids with drugs and alcohol at the end of this teaching!


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