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“I want my kids to love me. But I am afraid that if I am too strong they won’t.”

If you have ever had this concern, listen to this episode.

Getting your kids to love you is a core concern for every parent. Learn what smart parents do to make sure their kids love them.


Items from the podcast

  • Is it loving to doing things for your kids that they could do themselves? No.
  • Is it loving to make excuses for your kids? No.
  • Love means putting the “tennis ball of life” in your kid’s court.
  • Don’t use warnings. Love means letting the consequences of life happen.
  • Warnings are actually disrespectful.
  • Your kids will love you if you do things such as tell the truth, treat them consistently, etc.
  • Make it safe for your kids to fail.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

Love is keeping the “tennis ball of life” in your kid’s court.


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Question: What is a loving thing you remember from your parents?