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(This episode is being rerun as part of the Dr. Leman Pocket Phrase series. Plus with all the new listeners, many have not heard it.)

Do you ever feel like you are the maid and not the mom, or the butler versus the dad? If so, you might be running a hotel, instead of a home. Learn how to get your kids to contribute to the family.

Many parents are burdened by the belief that they must keep their kids happy, give them opportunities, and teach them responsibility all at the same time. This task has gotten harder, not easier. Sometimes, parents simply give up trying. This podcast is here to encourage you that you can teach your kids to contribute to the family.


Insight to gain from this episode:

  • No one member of the family is more important than the family.
  • We are of equal social value, but we are not the same.
  • Kids view their rewards as their rights.
  • Today’s parents’ feel the pressure to make their children “happy, happy, happy children.” Dr. Leman suggests: “An unhappy child is a healthy child.”
  • If you are a well-balanced parent, your kids will like you. We worry too much about our kids liking us.
  • What are you doing in your home to teach your kids to care about others?
  • You don’t get a great kid by giving them things.
  • The only place they are going to learn to be a responsible adult is in your home.

Parenting Tip/Pocket Phrase

“No one member of the family is more important than the family.”


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Podcast by: Dr. Kevin Leman with Doug & Andrea Terpening Blog: Doug Terpening