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First Born Children

Eldest children are often high achievers, organized and detail oriented.

“They’re guinea pigs of the family. Mom and dad practiced on them. They’re held to a little higher standard than the rest of us. They’re reliable, conscientious, list makers. They don’t like surprises. They’re natural leaders,” said Dr. Leman in a recent telephone interview. “There’s not a first born living that hasn’t had their mom or dad say to them, ‘I don’t care what she did, you are the oldest. I expect more out of you young woman or young man.’”

Because more is expected of eldest children, they often expect more of themselves later in life.

It’s a personality trait that often influences their career choices.

Of the first 23 astronauts to blast off into space, 21 were first born children. The other two were only children.

“In the last election, of the 11 people who wanted to be President of the United States, eight of the 11 were first-born sons or first-born daughters in their family or only children,” said Dr. Leman. “First borns tend to rule a little bit. They’re the movers and shakers of life and they lead everything from the PTA to the U.S. Presidency.”

Middle Children

“Second born children, quite frankly, are almost always the opposite of what’s ever above them in the family. So you tell me what the first born is like and I’ll describe the second born for you, especially if they’re the same sex child,” said Dr. Leman.

Middle children are usually less driven than their older sibling. They’re good listeners, negotiators and people pleasers.

Middle kids are usually more secretive and often feel isolated or the “odd man out” in their own family.

“That’s why you’ll find that if you have a friend for example who’s a middle child, you’re going to find that they’re the most loyal that you can find on the face of the earth,” said Dr. Leman. “Middle children are like going down to the blood bank and finding the universal donor. In marriages they go well with first born children, they go well with youngest children. They go well with only children. They are the mediators and negotiators of life”.

Middle children have the best psychological chance to become entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Donald Trump or Steve Forbes.

Last Born Children

“They’re the babies of the family…They’re manipulative, social, outgoing, never met a stranger, good with people – least likely to become an astronaut someday. They’re also least likely to end up in the Presidency of the United States,” said Dr. Leman.

Last born children are happy people and more likely to end up as entertainers, whether it’s within their family or in their choice of career.

Dr. Leman says many comedians like Billy Crystal, Ellen DeGeneres, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Whoopi Goldberg and John Stewart are last born children.

Last born children are risk takers in life and are open to change.

Only Children

“Only children are super first borns. Everything we say about first born children – reliable, conscientious, list makers, don’t like surprises – put the word ‘very’ in front of all those adjectives and you’ve the got the only child summed up,” said Dr. Leman. “They’re little adults by age seven.”

Only children are often sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt.

“If there’s one thing that’s their downfall, they don’t get along with kids their own age very well. They much prefer older playmates or friends who are adults.”

Some famous only children include Albert Einstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lance Armstrong and Elvis Presley.

“They do extremely well in life. The only child has a great chance of being extremely successful,” said Dr. Leman.


Your birth order can influence the type of person you are, your choice of mate and the career path you follow.

However, there are a number of variables that can influence behavior among children despite the order of their birth.