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I received this letter a few years back from Tina in Colorado:

I have never knew how much my husband needed me until I heard you talking about friendship.  Then it hit me.  Rob doesn’t have any personal friends– None. He’s not even close to his brother or his two sisters. He doesn’t talk to anyone–except for me. Wow. As you pointed out, that’s an awesome responsibility.  Whoever thought about being a good friend to your husband?  It made me realize that I have to let him know how much I need him in my life (and I really do) and how much I respect him.  I know I don’t always do it right, but my trying has made a difference. He’s not only coming home on time from work, but he just got a raise on the paycheck he brings home every two weeks.  He’s been a salesperson, kind of a middle-of-the-road in his sale, but all of a sudden his sales volume has leaped. He seems so much more confident.  Thank you. 

Men are simple creatures compared to complex females.  There are only THREE things your husband desires from you, in this order.

1. He needs to be respected

2. He needs to be needed

3. He needs to be fulfilled.

Respect is a huge issue for all human beings.  But it is crucially important to men, especially in today’s society. How can you make your husband feel respected, needed and fulfilled this week?

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  • azy says:

    women are expected to be supermom in all areas, be a mom making sure that all is runing well at home(cooking,cleaning,taking care of the children) AND be an educated women with a professional career whose income will equally will contribute to paying all the bills.LETS NOT forget that we need to make sure we are taking care of our body,excersising and other things to still look attractive for ourselves and our husbands. For the last 8 years that i have been married i can truly say that the lord jesus christ has given the strenght and will power to make sure i am covering what i need to during my womanhood, listening to your points in the moody radio station. Made me realize that i havent made my husband feel that he is needed and if he doesnt feel needed then his role as the husbannd in the relationship will not be fulfilled.thank you jesuschrist for opening my eyes and speaking tome thru Dr. Leman