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I hate you, and I hope that I never see you again! yelled Jill to her mother. Her mother counted to 4 and remembered Dr. Kevin Leman’s phrase that “B doesn’t happen until A is complete.” She smiled to herself and walked away. Listen to this episode to learn how “B doesn’t happen until A” can work for you.

As parents, we can feel out of control. Today’s episode is designed to help you stay in control, and be in control of the situation.


Items from the podcast

B doesn’t happen till A process

  • Stay calm when your kids throw a temper tantrum.
  • Walk away.
  • Later when your kid wants something from you, you tell them they aren’t going to get what they want.
  • When your kids ask why, you answer is, you are not pleased with their earlier behavior.
  • Walk away.
  • Your child will likely apologize. (If they remain defiant, you have a real powerful kid.)
  • After they apologize, hug him and love him.
  • When your child asks again for the item, don’t give in. (Missing one time will hurt in the short term, but teach a long lasting lesson.)

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

B doesn’t happen until A is complete.


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Question: Can you see yourself simply stating your position and walking away? If so, why? If not, why not?