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Did you know that your kids use anger to control the people around them? Learn how to help your kids deal with their anger in this episode.

Anger may be a natural emotion, yet we have seen the devastating effects it can have on the whole family. Teaching your child how to deal with anger will not only help your family, but it also prepares you children for future situations.


Items from the podcast

  • Anger is a natural emotion.
  • Anger is a choice. Our kids and us can learn how to deal with it.
  • Kids get angry because life isn’t going their way. This is especially true in kids with perfectionist tendencies.
  • Anger is used to control the other person.
  • The earlier you start, the easier it is for them to learn to deal with anger.

How to help your kid deal with their anger:

  • Help them realize anger is a choice.
  • Anger comes when life doesn’t go our way, and life won’t always go our way.
  • Encourage your kid to talk about the issue in order to release the anger pressure.

In the heat of the moment:

  1. Say, “You seem angry. Now may not be a good time to talk about it, but I really want to hear what is bothering you. I am hear to listen whenever you are ready.”
  2. When they are ready to talk: Listen, listen, listen and listen some more!
  3. A great phrase to use is, “Tell me more about that.” You invite them to share more.
  4. You don’t have to correct their wrong thinking right now. You can do it later. Better they know they are heard.
  5. If someone is in physical danger, you do need to deal with it immediately and bring help into the situation.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

“Tell me more about that.”


Ever wonder why your teenager is so weird?  Why won’t your teenager talk to you?
Ever feel like you are walking on egg shells, only to turn around and yell at your teenager the next moment?
Do you feel like it is too late for you and your teenager to change?

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Question: Can you imagine if your parents had said, “I notice you are angry. Now might not be a good time to talk. When you are ready, let’s chat.”? How would you have reacted as a child?