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Have you ever left a note asking your kids to help get dinner started before you get home, only to find they did not follow through? Learn a unique way to deal with this from Dr. Kevin Leman.

What benefit is there to having your kids help around the house? Dr. Leman shares how his kids grew together by working together.


Items from the podcast

  • Kids feel no obligation to give back to the family. Despite the fact that the parents are paying for the car, the food, the heat, etc.
  • Kids feel entitled to have their parents do the work for them.
  • We teach kids respect by having them pitch in to help.
  • 70.9% of women with kids under 18 work outside the home, so they are doing double-duty.
  • Parents do far too many things that the kids could do, like vacuum, cook, and even pay bills!
  • You want to instill an attitude that says, “We are all in this together, and so we all need to work.”
  • Working together will actually draw your kids together!

What do you do if your kids didn’t follow your instruction to help with dinner?

  1. Don’t rush in and start the meal.
  2. Leave and go somewhere to have a nice leisurely meal.
  3. Don’t nag.
  4. Come home and tell the kids you aren’t going to cook tonight. They can cook for themselves tonight.
  5. Say, “I expect you to help around the house. My day is way too long between work and what needs to happen at home. I need your help.”

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

No one member is more or less important than another. We all work together.


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Question: What task is the most difficult for you to get your kids to do?