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Would you like to live in a temper tantrum free home? You can sent tantrums packing to the North Pole. Every kid throws a tantrum. How the parents respond is the key. Want to learn how to end them? Listen below.
Your kids only throw temper tantrums because they work. They are trying to get something from you. You have the ability to stop them by your actions. Learn how in this episode.


Items from the podcast

  • Kids throw temper tantrum to test you.
  • Temper tantrum are power tantrums to get you to give in to their desires.
  • Kids continue to use temper tantrums, because they work at manipulating you.
  • Kids refine their temper tantrums based on how you react to them.
  • Kids throw temper tantrums to put you in a certain position.
  • The way to stop temper tantrums is to walk away. Don’t let it work. Don’t give in, even after the apology.

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

Temper tantrums only occur if they work.


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Question: How have you dealt with temper tantrums in the past?