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Politics, Religion and Spanking. The three topics you avoid at all costs. Dr. Leman steps into the discussion. There are two main spanking camps: the spank away camp and never, ever spank camp. What does Dr. Leman suggest?

Discipline is a hard issue for parents these days. There used to be a general consensus on what was appropriate. With today’s diverse opinions, Dr. Leman lays out a plan for you. Listen to the whole episode to get his full view on spanking.


Items from the podcast

  • Spanking is an open hand to the bottom. It is not hitting your kid in anger. It must only be on the bottom and no where else.
  • Spanking is now considered the worst thing you can do to the kid. Yet, there are limited appropriate times to use spankings.
  • The entire number of times that the Lemans used spanking was a total of 8 times for all 5 kids.
  • Most people misrepresent or misuse spanking.
  • Dr. Leman believes an open hand is better than a neutral object, because you will know just how hard you spank your child. With a neutral object, you may hit harder than you realize.
  • If you were ever abused, don’t use spanking.
  • Spanking isn’t the only option to discipline.
  • Only use spanking for very special issues.
  • When in doubt to spank or not to spank, don’t spank.
  • If you are spanking a lot, there is something wrong with your relationship with your kid.


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