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Question #1:

We love the strategies in Have a New Kid By Friday.  The challenge with our 7 year old daughter is that There are times when she will yell or scream and the privilege being lost won’t happen for several hours later in the day.  Within that several hours she will have several more episodes sometimes and we run out of consequences so to speak before she even realizes that she’s going to miss out on something for the first incident.

Thanks for your input.

Question #2:

I am the grandmother of a 6 year old boy. He has  pretty dysfunctional home life and no father in his life. How can I use your strategy in your “Have a New Kid By Friday” book on my own. I will give it to his mother but chances of her using it are slim to none because she would have to apply it to herself first. Her son has some pretty outrageous behaviors.

Question #3:

I have two great teen sons, ages 14 and 17. Our 17 year old, is very strong in his faith, sound moral values and judgement and is doing well in school. During the summers, he works at a Christian Camp full time (including nights). While this has proved a good experience for his independence, there is generally no ambition among his friends at the camp. We believe this experience has influenced him as well. We are thinking of making him get a job to fully grasp what it takes to make it in the real world. His camp job is volunteer. What do you think? Should we force him into a summer job where he may get an understanding of the value of money? Or should we continue to let him work at camp in the volunteer position? Concerned more than anything about his future.


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