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Dr. Leman gives you, Mom and Dad, permission to sport a ‘tude. Parents can use an attitude to show that they are disappointed in their kids. Learn how to properly display an attitude to your kids in this episode.

Your kids need to know that you, the parent, are displeased with their bad behavior. It is actually showing the truth in love.


Items from the podcast

  • You can use an attitude to get their attention and show your displeasure.
  • Your kids don’t like it when you are upset with them, no matter their age.
  • Your kids won’t reflect your attitude if you don’t make it personal and rub their nose in it.
  • Focus your attitude on the acts, not the actor.
  • Having a proper attitude is actually telling the “truth in love.”

Parenting Tip/ Pocket Answer

Focus on the act, not the actor.


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Question: Have you ever sported an attitude that worked with your kids?