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Do you have a kid that forgets your instructions in less than 30 seconds? Does he leave his bike on the sidewalk over night? Do you fear she will forget her phone on the desk in the library? Does it take 5 requests to get them to pick up their shoes because they are so distracted?

Today’s podcast is for you, Mom or Dad!


I tell him to pick up his shoes and instead I find him playing with the dog. He says all the time, “Oh sorry, I forgot?” How do I deal with the kid that can’t remember a thing?

These revelations will come as NO surprise to you:

  1. This child is NOT a firstborn
  2. You see this kid get away with space-cadet behavior over and over
  3. YOU created this space-cadet!

“How in the world did I create this spacey kid?” you may ask.
When something is easier to do yourself, do you waltz in and take over? Do you just do it?
When you do, watch that kid…SLITHER AWAY!
Viola! You have trained him to leave the work to you.

Take action against Space-Cadet behavior:

  1. Give him “The Look.”
  2. Say, “I am very disappointed.”
  3. Sit him/her down to think about it.
  4. Use “B doesn’t happen until A is done” to train the child.
  5. Don’t take over!


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