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Ever had a fight with your kid about his iphone? Worried that your kid’s will reject your religious views?
Dr. Leman answer these questions with his usual wit and wisdom.


Question #1 (Audio):

Isaac and Mila. Where do we start? We haven’t any kids yet, but are looking forward to raising kids.

Dr. Leman’s Answer:

I recommend four of my books to get you started:
1. First Time Mom: Getting off on the Right Foot from Birth to First Grade
2. Sheet Music
3. Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours
4. Have a New Kid by Friday

In addition, you can find my training called, Great Parenting From the Get-go at


19 year old son and iphone issues. (audio)

Dr. Leman’s Answer:

  • By putting restrictions on the phone for your 19 year old son, you are hurting your relationship more than anything.
  • Your positive expectations will far outweigh need for constraints.
  • He can get anything on the internet by going to a computer, so you are not stopping him from finding pornography.
  • Think in terms of the long-term relationship!

Questions #3:

Teen boys and making their faith their own. (audio)

Dr. Leman’s Answer:

Middle school years are the years when kids begin to break away and grapple with questions in life. This is healthy.

Here are some ways you can enter into this process:
1. Ask them about the stuff you struggled with as a youth.
2. Talk about life and grapple with questions.
3. Ask, “What do you think?”
4. Avoid getting into the rules.
5. Show them your faith by the way you live.

Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

Have a New Kid

1st Time Mom

Sheet Music

Have a New Kid by Friday

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours


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