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What do parents do if they catch their kid stealing? Do you wonder, “Maybe he didn’t know it was wrong to steal?” or “Maybe this is the only time he has done it, so I can ignore it.” Dr. Leman shares his experience in dealing with children who steal and why they steal.


What do you do with a kid who steals?

Why did the kid steal in the first place?
He may have an agenda, or an “ax to grind”. YES, he knows it is wrong.

Here are some suggestions of how to deal with it:
1. Don’t ask if they stole.
2. Talk straight with them about honesty.
3. Tell them about a time you stole something.
4. Teach them to apologize (but you cannot force it).
5. Don’t worry, consequences will come. Let the reality of the situation become the teacher.
6. Let life go on.

It is important to remember that you will not turn the kid into an honest person, they have to make that decision.


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