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 Tired of the curfew battles? Want to set the world’s best curfew? 

Learn the Leman family’s secret method to set the world’s best curfew, without the usual fight, using the parenting principle of putting the ball in your kid’s court.


Here are the steps to set curfew:

  1. Say, “Be home at a reasonable hour.”
  2. When your kid asks for a specific time, repeat: “Be home at a reasonable hour.”
  3. Expect them to behave responsibly and they will strive to reach your expectation.

Question: How can you trust them to come home at a reasonable hour?
Answer: If you trust them with a car that can do real damage, you can trust them to be home at a reasonable hour.

Question: What happens if they come home at 4:00 am?
Answer: They wouldn’t be driving the Leman car for a long time, since they weren’t home at a reasonable hour.

Parenting Tip:

Put the ball in their court by involving them in making the decisions. This will give them greater responsibility and avoid a “you-against-them” set-up.


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Question: How would you have reacted if your parents said, “Be home at a reasonable hour”?